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At MDTI we understand how critical the right information is in making sound business decisions.  We also understand corporations often have neither the time nor the resources to develop systems in highly specialized fields of IT.


Our mission is to provide the very best in comprehensive warehousing and reporting solutions through database engines such as Oracle, SYBASE, and SQL Server which will result in your making first-rate business decisions. Add to this our capacity for integrating applications to communicate with each other, and you have an unbeatable ally in MDTI.


What’s more, our modest size means we are agile and dead-on accurate, unlike super-sized, inflexible competitors. In short, we deliver good, solid software in a short timeframe at an affordable cost.


MDTI’s data-driven methodology has been consistent and extremely successful for the last decade and a half. A salient aspect of a data-driven methodology is that it builds upon previous efforts, expanding on both code and processes that have already been developed.  The data driven methodology places an emphasis on the central store of data. This process focuses on the data model as the vehicle that allows the commonality of data. to be recognized. We place emphasis on the decision support system (DSS) and the need to optimize the execution of SQL queries generated by reporting tools.


With all of these resources at hand, MDTI can galvanize your revenue performance and significantly control your expenses.

   Larger firms deliver mediocre.  MDTI delivers premium.

Fast.  Experienced.  Accurate.